Welcome to our brand new website.

Even though ballistic protection is our daily business, the e-commerce business is completely new for us.

The president of SECOTEC-UG is manufacturing ballistic protection compounds for more than 20 years now.

Our business partners are e.g. the well-known engineering offices IBW GmbH and IBB GmbH.

Since the very first beginning of our business we only used German materials and components for our ballistic products. This is the baseline for reliability, performance and trust.

Furthermore we guarantee production according DIN EN ISO 9001 both in house and with our partner companies and sub suppliers

While manufacturing of such systems usually take place in countries with cheap labour we commit ourselves to a different philosophy:                                  We utilize only materials of highest quality from reliable sources and we offer you (according to your specific requirements) a technically state of the art and comprehensive protection. Made by SECOTEC-UG and of course Made in Germany.

We provide to you a technically perfectly made product certified* by the proof house in Mellrichstadt, Germany, short delivery terms and long** lasting warranty. We are here to serve YOU. Just dare, we dare too.

Hans-H. Kolb


* = with additional costs

** = e.g. 5 (five) years fort he ballsitic insert